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Private copy levy is the leading source of private funding for culture in France. It is a vital revenue stream for those who create the books, music, films, series or art photos that we love and that we store on our personal digital devices. Copie France is a private, non-profit society that collects and distributes this remuneration.
of the money is paid directly to more than 200,000 authors, artists and producers each year
is used to support more than 12,000 cultural projects and events per year (festivals, shows, concerts, exhibitions, book fairs, arts education, etc.)

Private copy, the leading source of private funding for culture in France

Private copy, the leading source of private funding for culture in France
Music, cinema, theatre, dance, audiovisual, photography, visual arts, multimedia, graphics, literature and more. The levy for private copying is vital to those who create works of all aesthetic and artistic genres. What is more, every year it finances thousands of festivals, theatres, concerts, exhibitions, book fairs, artistic education actions in schools or training organisations for creators and artists, all over France. It contributes to the creative and economic vitality of the territories, provides universal access to local cultural offerings and fosters connections and social cohesion. When you pay private copying levy you benefit from an exception to copyright while securing financing for the cultural content on storage media — and you contribute to the cultural dynamism of our country!

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