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Who pays the private coping levy?

Private copy levy is paid by manufacturers and importers of media and devices when they are put on the market in France. However, individuals who buy devices and media online on foreign websites are not concerned.


Individual consumers

You are a private individual and have just acquired a smartphone, a TV box, a USB key or an external hard drive and would like to know if you have to pay the private copying levy? Don't worry, you don't have to do anything! The private copying levy is paid by the manufacturer or importer of the device in advance. The consumer must be informed of the amount of the levy at the time of purchase (via labelling or mention on the online sales site).
Similarly, if you acquired your device from a foreign website or store, you do not have to pay for the private copying levy either. It will be paid by the exporter.


You must pay the private copy levy if you manufacture or import (within and outside the EU) media and devices that you put into circulation in metropolitan France and its overseas territories.

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List of media subject to the levy

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