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Collecting the private copy levy

Conditions for filing and payment

Who must pay?
Manufacturers and importers in France (from the EU or outside) of media and devices subject to the private copying levy made available in metropolitan France and overseas territories (DOM-TOM).

Please consult the procedure for paying the private copying levy :

If you do not have an account with COPIE FRANCE...

If you are filing your declaration for the first time, you must send 3 documents to COPIE FRANCE :

If you already have an account with Copie France

  • 1.Please send the 2013 monthly declaration form each month (for disbursements from 1 January 2013 - new rates) and/or the 2012 monthly declaration form (for disbursements until 31 December 2012).

    The declaration of media subject to the private copying levy must be filed every month, on the 20th of each month at the latest, for sales or distributions of the previous month.
  • 2.Fill in the form, in particular :
  • the month concerned,
  • type and brand of device
  • capacity
  1. 3.Once you have filled in the declaration form for professionals, please return it to :
  2. by post: online:
    Copie France
    225, avenue Charles de Gaulle
    92528 Neuilly-sur-Seine Cedex
  • NB :

    Declaration of the capacity of media and devices:
    The storage/recording capacity to be declared to COPIE FRANCE for media and devices with an operating system, firmware or a software layer* is the overall rated storage capacity of the media or devices, expressed in Gb, without any deduction of OS, firmware or software.

    * Tablets, telephones, standard and multimedia external hard drives, Home NAS devices, set-top boxes, box and audio players.

Calculation of sums due:

COPIE FRANCE calculates on the basis of the sums declared in the form and tariffs applicable the amount of the levy.

Payment of the levy:
The sums invoiced by COPIE FRANCE are payable on 3 different dates according to the status of those liable:

  • manufacturers or importers, so-called “exclusive” agents for a single brand: the amounts invoiced are payable within 80 days after the end of the month mentioned in the declaration;
  • non-exclusive wholesale importers, the amounts invoiced are payable within 40 days after the end of the month mentioned in the declaration;
  • neither of the above categories: the amounts invoiced are payable immediately.

About VAT:
The amount of the private copying levy is included in the total price of the product for calculating VAT. Tax circular no. 132 of 12 September 1986 published in the Bulletin Officiel de la Direction Générale des Impôts specifies the VAT system applicable and the indications to be found on invoices.