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Collecting the private copy levy

Exemption and reimbursement

Conditions for exemption or reimbursement of the levy (Law of 20 December 2011)

Article L 311-8 of the Intellectual Property Code provides, as from 23 December 2011, for:

I. The private copying levy is not due when the recording device is acquire for their own use or production by:

1 - audiovisual communication companies;

2 - audiovisual communication companies;

2bis - publishers of works on digital media;

3 - legal entities or organisations, whose list is approved by the Minister of Culture, using recording media to assist visually or hearing-impaired persons.

II. Nor is the private copying levy due for recording media acquired in particular for professional ends, whose conditions of use do not make it possible to assume their use for private copying.

III. A convention confirming the exemption and setting the conditions may be signed between persons benefiting from I or II and COPIE FRANCE. In case of refusal on the part of COPIE FRANCE to sign a convention, the latter must specify the reasons for this refusal.

If no convention is signed, these persons are entitled to reimbursement of the levy in exchange for written proof as determined by the Ministers of Culture and the Economy.


If you are a professional and:

1. You regularly purchase large numbers of recording media: in certain conditions, you may obtain an exemption convention.

This convention may be renewed every year, in certain conditions.

For further information on exemptions: exoneration@copiefrance.fr

2. you occasionally purchase small amounts of recording media: we propose reimbursement of the levy.

For further information on reimbursement: remboursement@copiefrance.fr

3. you would like to consult the list of exempted societies.