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Collecting the private copy levy

Application for a refund
for professional use

Looking at or create a refund request for professional use

To look at a current request, please indicate your file number and the password emailed by COPIE FRANCE

The refund is made by bank check


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Connection information

To allow you to consult later your requests, a customer zone is going to be created.
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Important notice

If documents (invoices) are affected to a company, please create a legal entity with the company's name and do not create a natural person.


Si vous résidez à l'étranger, merci de saisir d'abord le pays avant le code postal

Legal person in charge
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Indicate the quality of legal person, legal representative as well as the function ;
i.e. : Manager-partner, manager, CEO, president of the board of directors, joint manager…

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Extensions autorisées : .png, .gif', .jpg, .jpeg, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf, .txt, .bmp, .csv

Please download a copy of at least one of the three type of document indicated below

Downloadable by clicking has href ='http: http: // to www.insee.fr / fr / service / default.asp? Page=entreprises/sirene/avis_situation. htm ' target = ' _ blank ' > ici/a >
Available by clicking has href ='http: http: // www.artisanat.fr / tabid / 200 / Default.aspx ' target = ' _ blank ' > ici/a >

Detail of the request

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Please specify the conditions of use of the products the application for refund of the private copying remuneration is made for (answer every question by YES or NO):
a) Are you the end user of the carrier/device (you don't sell nor distribute them) ? *
b) Are those carriers/devices used for professional purposes by you or the employees in the premices of the company ? *
If YEs, are they :
Used in a collective way *
Given to the staff individually *
If you use cell phones or tablets, are they also given to the staff individually ? *
c) If you distribute those carriers/devices to third parties ( ie. USB keys given to prospects or clients, ...etc.):
Are those carriers/devices blank ? *
Are those carriers/devices preloaded with content ? *
If YES, is the carrier/device locked in a way no copy is made possible ? *
How do you distribute those carriers/devices to third parties ?
Sale ? *
Free distribution ? *
If YES, free distribution only during trade shows ? *
During consumer shows ? *
Delivery of professional command(s) to a client ? *
Specify hereunder the invoices related to your application for refund and for each of them the relevant carriers/devices

The size of attachments is limited to 2 Mb
Extensions autorisées : .png, .gif', .jpg, .jpeg, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf, .txt, .bmp, .csv

COPIE FRANCE can process your request as long as you enclose invoices (not quotes or purchase orders) that clearly mention the amount of private copying remuneration for the refund of which you ask.
Name of the supplier* Date of invoice* Invoice number* Invoice / Attachment* Add product Nb of products

List of carriers/devices for the invoice :

Summary of the request

Summary of the request :

Request made on : 25/06/2022

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Les données à caractère personnel (« données personnelles ») vous concernant collectées par COPIE FRANCE dans le cadre du présent formulaire font l’objet d’un traitement aux fins de gestion de votre compte client, de la perception et du remboursement de la rémunération pour copie privée.


Ces traitements sont fondés sur l’obligation légale qui incombe à COPIE FRANCE du fait des articles L. 311-1 et L. 311-8 du code de la propriété intellectuelle.


Les données personnelles collectées et traitées dans ce contexte seront conservées pendant la durée nécessaire à la réalisation de la finalité du traitement concerné à laquelle s’ajoute la durée de prescription applicable. Elles peuvent faire l’objet d’une communication aux entités suivantes : SACEM, ANTISS, OVH.


Vous pouvez accéder aux données vous concernant ou demander leur effacement. Vous disposez également d'un droit d’opposition, d’un droit de rectification et d’un droit à la limitation du traitement de vos données (Vous pouvez consulter le site www.cnil.fr pour plus d’informations sur vos droits). Pour exercer ces droits, vous pouvez


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