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Where does the money go?

Copie France does not generate savings or profits. All the money collected is paid back to authors, artists and producers, with much of it going to thousands of cultural projects throughout France.

75% of the money goes to pay the authors, artists and producers of music, films, series, books and works of art that are massively and freely duplicated.

25% of the money is used to support thousands of cultural events all over France, but also new creations, concerts, films, festivals, theatres, book fairs, exhibitions or artistic projects in schools.

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What the private copying levy is for

The private copying levy is vital to the cultural diversity of our country, and more broadly to the cultural dynamism of all French territories. Read

List of supported cultural projects

Each year, the revenues from the private copying levy contribute to the financing of more than 10,000 cultural projects: festivals, literary events, documentary filmmaking, film production, music album creation, artist residencies, writing grants, workshops and shows for children... Read