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Requesting reimbursement for export

Reimbursement or exemption from private copy levy is granted when media or devices are purchased in France for export.

To make a request for reimbursement, don't forget to prepare your proof of payment of the private copy levy, as well as proof of export. Reimbursement is possible within a maximum of 5 years following the purchase of the storage media or devices.

If the exporter asks Copie France for refunds concerning several suppliers and/or several periods, Copie France processes them independently of each other and proceeds with the reimbursements one by one.

If the storage media or devices are only in transit in stocks on French territory, imported and then directly exported without being sold to a third party on French territory, no private copy levy is due, and no declaration needs to be made to Copie France.

If a medium or device has been put into circulation in France (including overseas territories), leaving the manufacturer/importer's inventory to be sold to a third party in France, who will then either export it or resell it in France to another third party, who will in turn resell it in France or export it (and so on, depending on the number of intermediaries between the manufacturer/importer and the exporter), the related private copying levy must be paid by the manufacturer/importer to Copie France. It will then be passed on in the selling price by the various intermediaries to the exporter, who can then be reimbursed for the amount.