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What is the private copy levy for?

The private copying levy is vital to the cultural diversity of our country, and more broadly to the cultural dynamism of all its territories. There is no French region whose cultural fame is not partly linked to the private copying levy! There is not a single town whose beloved festival or theatre is not financed by the private copying levy.

The principle: a right and its compensation

We can all freely copy movies, series, photos, documentaries, music or digital books, on all our devices (smartphone, TV box, external hard drives, etc.), for our personal use: this is the private copying exception. In return for this freedom, a levy, created in 1985, is collected from the manufacturers and importers of devices and media that allow this copying: this is the private copying levy.


The best of both worlds

The telecommunications market is flourishing, dynamic and attractive in large part because its products, media and devices allow users to freely store cultural works. Their value is intrinsically linked to the cultural works and content they allow us to listen to, view, read, contemplate and appreciate. From this point of view, private copying levy is a fair, virtuous and equitable remuneration mechanism in the service of diversity and cultural vitality. It’s a win-win deal between the tech and cultural creation sectors; everyone benefits from the best of both worlds.


of French people are in favour of the principle of the private copying levy.


of French people are in favour of the principle of the private copying levy.


of French people believe that private copying levy help support culture in France


of French people think that private copying levy allow artists to make a living from their work.
*According to an Elabe opinion poll


You can find the complete and detailed list, with the beneficiaries and the amounts, of all the projects supported by private copying levy on