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It must be declared like any other branded media. The same applies to media distributed free of charge with certain devices (bundles).

To find out if a type of media is concerned or not, contact us

Rates and devices/media

Devices/media (as of January 1st 2023)
Removable recording media
  • USB keys
  • SD memory cards
  • Memory cards sold in bundles (single lot)
  • Blank CDs and DVDs
  • Other, older media: minidiscs and audio CD R, 3½-inch micro floppy disc, digital VHS, analogue tape media (audio cassettes, VHS video cassettes), dedicated removable digital media (Minidiscs, audio CD-R, Digital VHS) …
Hard disks and device-integrated memory
  • Smartphones, new and reconditioned
  • Media tablets and tablet PCs, new and reconditioned
  • Standard external hard drives (SSD or magnetic-optical)
  • Storage media subject to the levy sold as a bundle or an add-on to a device subject to the levy
  • Other media: MP3 or MP4 players, memory dedicated to recording and playing music integrated into a navigation system (GPS) or a car radio system
'NPVR' services 

Television service or distributor that provides to an individual consumer, by way of remote access, the reproduction for private use of works from a programme broadcast in a linear manner by this publisher or its distributor


The tariffs are established by the Commission for Private Copying Remuneration. This is an independent administrative commission, whose members are appointed by joint order of the Ministers of Culture, Economy and Finance. They represent consumers, media manufacturers and creators, authors, artists and producers equally. This Commission votes on the rates applicable to the various media, based on studies of usage that determine the copying practices of cultural products by consumers.

Did you know?

Copie France calculates the amount due on the basis of the quantities declared and the applicable rates.

Sur un smartphone
 More informations about:
Reconditioned phones and tablets Since July 1, 2021, reconditioned tablets and phones are subject to specific rates. This measure was adopted on the basis of a usage study conducted by the GFK Institute regarding refurbished devices. A discount of 40% is applied to smartphones and 35% to tablets compared to new ones.
External hard drives (standard external hard drives, NAS and NDAS, multimedia)
Sales of memory cards in bundles or linked offers
USB keys used as advertising gifts